Wrecker Service

By | June 22, 2017

Wreckers are centers or organizations who work towards dismantling or wrecking old or damaged cars and selling the usable parts to individual car owners or manufacturing plants. You can now sell your damaged or wrecked car to wreckers who will then sell specific parts to those who wish to replace parts. Wrecking service is a service offered by wreckers or those organizations/companies that buy damaged vehicles or salvage.

The wreckers are involved in the business of buying damaged or wrecked vehicles, repairing them or crushing the cars at junkyards and then selling the undamaged parts to individual owners or manufacturers. They not only supplies parts abut also are involved in the service of fitting and arranging the parts in a damaged car.

The services provided can be classified under three heads:Wrecker Abingdon MD

1. Supplying of second-hand parts: All second had parts from damaged or old cars are available at the warehouses including alternators, engines, starter motors, mechanical parts, electrical components, panels, gearboxes, headlamps, tail lamps. The parts are maintained properly to avoid damage and are supplied to customers in reasonably good conditions.

2. Dismantling: The wrecking of all models are carried on at the junkyards. From the old models to the new ones. Any car can be wrecked and dismantled at the wreckers who specialize in dismantling of all cat models cars. The premium parts, which might be expensive for an individual to buy, are often shipped back to the manufacturers for new cars.

3. Mechanical service: The Wrecker also provides mechanical services to damaged cars under the guidance of specialized and skilled mechanics. Service available range from engine fitting, engine rebuilding, conversions as well as a large range of other services.

Wreckers also keep in stock some new and exclusive parts which suit the need for most car models. These stocks are often bought directly from the manufacturers and kept in stock.If you had an accident and your car becomes a write-off, you can still contact wrecker service company who will buy the wreck or your damaged car.

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