Towing Services

Abingdon Tow Truck phoneAbingdon Tow Truck is a towing company first and foremost, and with that in mind, we are proud to offer some of the most competitive rates in the state for our towing services. We offer three main categories of towing, with pricing depending on the load, and the distance that you need to travel. We have been working with some the biggest players in the state in terms of transportation, and cannot wait to work with you and your business. On the personal vehicle side, our trucks are available 24/7, and our towing rates are pennies on the dollar compared to the big guys. Give us a call the next time you need a tow, and you will be thankful you went with Abingdon Tow Truck.

Heavy Duty TowingTow Truck Abingdon MD

Heavy duty towing is one of our premier services that we offer. This is because we are one of only a handful of towing companies that has a fleet that can handle these kinds of tows. Our fleet is designed to help our stranded semi-trucks and their loads, as well as, full-length buses. These loads generally are being taken back to a company owned yard, and we have some amazing deals that we can offer companies who partner with us in the Northern Maryland area. Our fleet is ready and waiting, and we cannot wait to work with you as your heavy duty towing operator.

Medium Duty Towing

Abingdon Towing snowMedium duty towing is a job that demands a fast turnaround, and an ability to get a truck or a van back into service within the day. These jobs are generally meant for those companies that run work trucks, or fully loaded cube vans with tools and gear. Our trucks are specifically designed to take these kinds of loads, and when it comes down to it Abingdon Tow Truck is the only option you will need. We have been working hard to establish this part of our brand in the area, and as more and more journeyman has used our services are fleet has grown. Call today, and ensure you can still get to that call at the end of the day when your work vehicle starts acting up.

Light Duty Towing

Towing Service AbingdonWhen it comes to your average tow, this is what you think of when we say light duty towing. This would include such items as your average car or truck for personal use, or smaller work vans or trucks. We have a large fleet of vehicles that can handle this kind of tow, and with our team by your side, you will be enjoying a great tow at an amazing price. Our team has been in this business for years, and when you need something done right in terms of light-duty towing, you need to call the team at Abingdon Tow Truck.

Our towing services are our pride and joy, and we offer a variety of services that will fit your need. Call us today, and see why Abingdon Tow Truck is the premier towing service offering in the Northern Maryland area.

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