Tips for Choosing a Good Towing Company

By | July 6, 2017

Bel Air Towing ServiceBad luck can strike on the road leading to your car breaking down. In such unfortunate situations, you need to look for a reliable towing company to take care of your vehicle needs. When we talk about a reliable company, we mean a company that is professional enough to handle your car with the worth it deserves. The company must be able to show up at a time of your need. Charges involved must be reasonable and not hyped.

However, to get such a reliable company doesn’t come easy. Not all real people are involved in the business. Some are bad, and their motives are hidden. However, in this guide, we focus our attention on all red flags and right elements that define a good company.

Here are notable tips you can use to choose a good towing company:

  1. Referrals

Word of mouth is a great marketing channel. Ask your friends, colleagues and neighbors of a good towing company they know, one they have had previous experience with. Apart from referrals, online reviews act as another good source for trust. Previous customer experiences could come in handy in assisting you to make right decisions. You can also contact your car insurance agency or auto shop for recommendations.

  1. Pricing and Contract FeesAberdeen Towing Service

You should be notified of how expenses involved in the towing process as provided by a towing company. The towing company should specify if there are any other charges involved when a person collects their vehicle. An example, an association fee may be $100 to tow, but the towing company charges an extra $250 to retrieve the vehicle. In such a scenario, you should be well aware of these charges, because if they are hidden up to the last minute, many people shall be turned away. Also, ensure that you sign the contract agreement before the beginning of work.

  1. Proper Licensing and Insurance

Towing companies are service providers, and as such, you need to see evidence of their licensing and insurance on the services they are permitted to offer. Ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company, one that will not have legal issues to deal with after the towing experience. In most cases, families own two or more vehicles, and in such cases, there are limited available parking spaces within each community. This problem becomes worse if you have guests. Due to such issues, ensure that you follow all the guidelines laid down by your local community with regards to parking space.

  1. Contact Terms

When you decide to contract a towing company, ensure that you read and understand their terms of service. A contract drafted in good faith must state the minimum notice a towing company must provide before towing a vehicle. There should be space for all appropriate sign-offs required, before towing any vehicle.

  1. Payment options

While driving on the road, it may be easy to forget to carry some cash with you. Nowadays, people prefer to operate cashless wallets. When struck with an emergency ensure that the company you contract to offer towing services can accept different forms of payment methods. It can be a credit card, Bitcoins, PayPal, Skrill among others. Look for a company that is comfortable with your payment options.

  1. Equipment usedBaltimore Tow Truck

You need to know the types of equipment a towing company uses in the delivery of its services. Find out the kind of trucks your towing services provider uses and whether they have professional technicians who service and operate the trucks. It is always advisable to seek to work with a towing company that offers professional services, such that you are sure your car will be handled properly when you are not under its watch.

  1. Service Provided

A good towing company must be able to offer a variety of towing services. It should be good enough to offer more than just roadside assistance. They should be able to have heavy spectacle lift type tow trucks, flatbed recovery vehicles, tow trucks for buses, boom truck with under-lift among other specifications.

These are just but few tips that can guide you to have a safe towing experience. We might not be able to exhaust all of them, but they should serve as a guide to the basic towing knowledge you need to equip yourself with.

8 thoughts on “Tips for Choosing a Good Towing Company

  1. Rosie Beckett

    You make a great point that when looking for a towing company you should get referrals from friends and family because they are a trustworthy source. I recently moved to a new area and I am looking for a towing company to have on file in case of emergency on the road. I will definitely make sure that the company I choose has licensing and insurance because this will give me peace of mind that they are a reputable company.

  2. Mina Edinburgh

    You mentioned how I can ask a friend or a colleague for a good towing company that they know or have worked with before since they are a source that I can trust. I guess I can do that since a friend of mine once needed a towing company to help him when he broke down in the middle of the road. He seemed satisfied with the response of the company– I’m not sure. But I will still ask him for a recommendation. Thanks.

  3. Katie Wilson

    I agree that you want to find a towing service that has good online reviews. It would make sense to find someone who is qualified and experienced as well. My husband and I are looking for a towing service in case of an emergency, so we’ll have to check their reviews first.

  4. Levi Armstrong

    You made a good point when you said that I should ask my friends and neighbors for tips when looking for a car towing service. This way, I would have an easier time finding a reputable one. You also made a good point when you said I should find one with proper insurance. These are great tips for me since I need to have my car towed at our local mall’s parking lot. Thanks!

  5. rachel frampton

    If I were to have my broken car towed in the middle of the road, I would make sure to look for a towing service. Thank you for sharing here as well the importance of hiring a trustworthy service. Aside from this, you are also right that it would be smarter to compare the prices too.

  6. Vivian Black

    I thought it was a great idea for you to suggest that we ask any potential towing company to provide licensing and insurance on the service we want them to use for us. Our business just started making our own deliveries this week. With so many of our workers out on the road, we feel that there is a greater risk of them needing a tow every now and again, while the license and insurance would be a serious perk. When we hired out the deliveries, we didn’t have to worry about it. Now it is a different story. We will start our search before the week is out.

  7. Olivia Smart

    Thank you for explaining that a good towing company will offer a variety of towing services. I’ve been wondering what I should look for in a towing company to add to my emergency list. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind since it should prove useful.

  8. Zachary Tomlinson

    It does make sense to hire a towing company that quickly responds to your situation and provides the assistance you need! I heard that my friend wants to try driving interstate to visit his parents after purchasing a car. I believe this information could come in handy if he ends up facing an emergency!


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