Rules and Regulations of Towing Companies

By | July 21, 2017

Several standards and regulations guide and control the process of towing trucks. Most of these laws are constituted under the guidance of towing permits, approvals and issuance, private property towing, consent towing, storage and handling, and much more. Since we may not be able to discuss all these laws elaborately, what’s important is to look at the basic state and local business requirements that you are required to observe.Wrecker Abingdon MD


To operate a towing service, you need to be licensed. Most states require three types of license. These include;

  • Indictment Management – It is required for a tow truck to perform a non-consent tow that can be sanctioned by a law enforcement officer.
  • Private Property– This licensing is required for a tow truck if it will be used to perform a non-consent tow authorization by a parking facility owner.
  • Consent Tows – It is required for a tow truck that is used to perform consent tow as authorized by the owner.

Other specified local licensing and regulatory requirements may equally apply. The best way to comply with all these requirements is to consult or seek to get much detailed information about local permits and licenses. You can perform this check from the office of your town, city or county clerk.

Oversize Vehicle Permits

Tow Truck Abingdon MDSome states such as Michigan require a towing business to have an oversize vehicle permit before towing trucks also known as wreckers. Other states require class B driver licensing requirements, with licenses issued by classes, under the weight of the vehicle being driven. Drivers of standard cars are needed to have class A commercial driver’s license (CDL). Operators of heavier vehicles have an obligation to have class B CDL.

Certificate of Occupancy

As it is in most cases, a towing truck business is often run out of a physical location. Businesses that need to operate out of a physical location are required to have a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). This certificate confirms that all the zoning laws, building codes and government legislation have been met.

Flat bed Abingdon MDFor those planning to lease a location, it is the landlord’s duty to obtain the certificate of occupancy. Before renting the location, confirm with the owner if they have this certificate, and if else, advise them to get it. If the area has undergone a major renovation, a new certificate is needed. If your place will get renovated before opening your business, it is highly recommended to include a clause in your lease agreement stating the lease payments won’t kick off until a valid certificate is issued.

Those looking forward to purchasing or building a location are required to obtain a valid certificate from a local government authority. They are also required to review all building and zoning requirements for their business location to ensure that their towing company is in compliance with the set legislation.

Other laws you need to observe while venturing in this business include aspects of doing with towing capacity and towing truck performance compliance. The towing vehicle must have the set conditions for proper braking, taillights, use of headlights, license plate lights, use of reflectors among others.

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