Roadside Assistance

Abingdon Tow Truck phoneHave you ever been in this situation? You are driving home from an evening with a few friends, you have the baby in the backseat wanting its crib and its raining. Then you hear the engine start whining and finally seize. You are stuck, on a winding Maryland road, with little light and not a clue where to start with your engine. This is where roadside assistance is handy, and we here at Abingdon Tow Truck are proud to offer the great people of Northern Maryland it.

Roadside Assistance means peace of mind

Roadside Assistance AbingdonWhen you are out driving on the many rural roads, a flat or engine problems can always be a possibility. This is why roadside assistance is such a good thing to invest in. Instead of trying to find a tow truck company on Google, or simply call your local Abingdon Tow Truck to come help you out. We will work ensure that you are getting the best service possible, each and every time. Peace of mind is worth every cent, and with Abingdon Tow Truck that cent goes a long way.

What to expect with roadside assistance from Abingdon Tow Truck

Abingdon Roadside AssistanceWhen you first start to see the trouble you will pull off to the side of the road, and call the team at Abingdon. Our dispatcher will let you know when to expect to see the truck and will handle any logistics that are necessary with the call. When the truck arrives they will first make sure the scene is safe, and secure you and your passengers in the cab to keep you out of the way of traffic. They will then take a look at the car, and determine the best course of action. Before attempting a repair on the side of the road they will let you know what their thoughts are and proceed how you wish to. If a tow is necessary, they will simply tow the car or truck to the nearest service station. Our towing costs pennies on the dollar as compared to the big guys, so do not let that worry you. We will ensure that you are kept up to speed, and given the best advice that we can offer. Our drivers are not mechanics, but they have been around cars and trucks for years and know a lot about them. With Abingdon Tow Truck you will be in good hands, and you will love our first class service.

Roadside Assistance is what you have been waiting forRoadside Assistance Abingdon MD

We have been working long and hard to bring roadside assistance to the Northern Maryland area, and we cannot wait to start the service. With our fleet of trucks and the quick response time Abingdon Tow Truck is known for, you will be in good hands. Our trucks run 24/7, and our dispatchers will give you accurate response times for your area. We are here to help you and your vehicle in your time of need. Call us today, and see what roadside assistance could be doing for you and your family.

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