Places to Eat in Aberdeen, MD

Aberdeen, MD is a smaller city, but it has a surprisingly diverse range of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you are a local looking to try out a new spot, or are just passing through and want to sample some of the local fare, these restaurants are sure to please. Several of Aberdeen’s best restaurants can be found off the Aberdeen Throughway just south of Interstate 95. There is another cluster of restaurants to the south of off Pulaski Highway. Both of these areas are easy to access from anywhere in Aberdeen.

The Olive Tree Restaurant is located at 1005 Beards Hill Road. This classic Italian restaurant has been a local favorite for years. It offers a wide range of classic Italian options with a regional twist. Entrees range in price from $10 to $30, so it is a fairly affordable place to eat. The lobster ravioli is particularly delicious, as is the chicken cacciatore. They also offer a special range of “Italian Feast” dishes that are perfect for the hungriest diners.

If you are in the mood for Chinese food, Lees Hunan Chinese Restaurant is the perfect choice. Located at 971 Beard Hills Road, this locally owned and operated eatery offers a large selection of affordable dishes. Entrees are priced between 5 $ and 15$, so this is an excellent choice for budget-conscious diners. The restaurant also offers specially prepared “pan size” servings suitable for 6 or 7 people.

Another excellent option for a meal in the city is the Aberdeen Korean Restaurant, located in the Aberdeen Shopping Plaza. Many local people would say that this restaurant serves the best Korean food in Harford county. Some of the specialties served here include seafood pancakes and pork bulgogi. Though the restaurant is fairly small and subdued, it has a certain quiet charm, and the food will keep you coming back for more.

If you are searching for delicious Mexican food, try La Tolteca, located at 984 Hospitality Way. This cheerfully decorated restaurant is known for its excellent service as well as its delicious burritos and enchiladas. Many people recommend the tableside guacamole as well as the margaritas.

Mamies Cafe, located in Beard Hills Plaza Shopping Center, is a delightfully kitschy little eatery that specializes in classic American comfort food. They offer delicious appetizers including lump crab balls and broiled mushroom caps, and serve excellent entrees like  homemade jumbo shrimp salad and triple-decker club sandwiches. The atmosphere is cheerful and friendly, and the service is prompt and courteous.

If you want to try something a little outside the ordinary, the Wat U Makin Jamaican restaurant, located at 23 W Bel Air Ave, might be the perfect place for you. This place is known for its friendly service, delicious Jamaican food, and a wide range of options for vegetarian and vegan diners. The jerk chicken is the house specialty, but be warned, it has a spicy kick! They also serve excellent Jamaican beef patties and house made coco bread.

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