Middle River, MD Overview

Middle River is an unincorporated community located 15 miles to the east of central Baltimore. The community takes its name from the middle river, which runs out to the Chesapeake Bay. Middle River is bordered by Interstate 95 to the north, and Interstate 695, also known as the Baltimore Beltway, to the west. Middle River has a population of around 25,000 people and occupies an area of around 8.5 square miles. It is a small community, perfectly suited for people who want to escape from hectic city life and spend time enjoying nature along its many waterways. Many Middle River residents commute to work in Baltimore every day. Traffic can be heavy on the highways to and from work, but the community is still an excellent choice for people who don’t mind a short commute. The weather in Middle River can vary widely depending on the season, with temperatures in the 70’s in the summer and as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.

The median household income in Middle River is around 51,000 dollars per year, but levels of affluence vary widely through different neighborhoods. 61 percent of people in Middle River identify as white, while 25 percent of people are African American and 6 percent are Hispanic. Middle River is rated as safer than only 12% of cities in the United States. The overall crime rate is 44% higher than the national average, and there is a higher rate of violent crime in Middle River than in the rest of Maryland.

Schools in Middle River are part of the Baltimore County Public Schools District. Glenmar Elementary School and Middle River Middle School serve younger students, while older students attend Kenwood High School in nearby Essex. State test scores at Kenwood High School fall slightly below the national average, but graduation rates are right in line with schools across Maryland.

Middle River can be divided into several distinct neighborhoods, each with unique characteristics and varying property values. Generally speaking, the most affluent neighborhoods in Middle River are located close to the water. The Bird River Beach neighborhood in the north part of Middle River runs along the south bank of the Bird river. The median real estate price here is over 300,000 dollars, with houses here being highly sought after for their proximity to the beach. The Bowleys Quarter neighborhood, in the south part of Middle River, is made up of many small inlets and bays. Houses here are also extremely desirable, with a median price of 285,000 dollars. The Oliver Beach and Bengies neighborhoods can be found just south of the Bird River Beach. These large suburban areas are farther from the most desirable waterfront areas but are slightly more affordable. The Stansbury Estates, Town Center, and Victory Villa areas are the most densely populated neighborhoods in Middle River, with more available apartments and lower real estate costs. Just beside the City Center area is Glenmar Manor, an affluent pocket of homes with markedly higher prices.

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