Laws Relating to Starting a Towing Company

By | July 23, 2017

Towing Service AbingdonStarting a towing business is a decision that should be based on quality advice and information. During the early state of your planning process, you need to get professional help from people and organization such as accountants, lawyers and insurance agencies.

When you decide to get into this business, you should be ready to adhere to established rules meant to ensure prompt, highly reliable and professional delivery towing assistance, which serves best at monitoring public and the department of public safety.

We have presented this guide as a summary of the basic rules and regulations that everyone involved in the towing business must abide by. Let us look at these regulations;

  1. FacilitiesTowing Abingdon

Each operator needs to maintain sufficient space to accommodate all storage of vehicles resulting for dispatches. This space should either be on the site of the operator’s place of business or within a reasonable distance thereof. The location of the business and the storage facility must be physically within the established zones.

  1. Equipment Requirements

Abingdon Towing snowThe minimum equipment standards relate to the manufacturer’s specifications for the capabilities and capacities of the to truck and all the towing equipment. Each tow truck must be equipped with winches and cranes that have been produced and constructed by the manufacturer of these types of equipment, who have the product liability.

The various classifications of wreckers include; light duty wrecker, medium duty wrecker and the heavy duty wrecker. All equipment necessary to the towing vehicle must comply with the rules and regulations set by the federal motor carrier.

  1. InsuranceTow Truck Abingdon

Each operator when making any form of contact or moving with any vehicle to be towed assumes all liability for any type of injury to persons. He also assumes responsibility for damage to property and issues dealing with theft and fires.

Each operator needs to maintain an insurance policy that is issued by the insurer with current authorization from your state’s department of insurance. Operators need to maintain policies of insurance in relation to workers compensation, liability on wrecker and its premises, on-hook insurance and garage keeper’s liability.

  1. Operation

Wrecker Abingdon MDWrecker companies are required to provide a list of all wrecker operator personnel, including their current address, their full names, driver license number, date of birth and the social security number. Each wrecker operator is investigated according to criminal history. Any criminal history to the side of the operator which is in contrary to the company’s qualifications for the job serves as solid grounds for rejection of the wrecker company.

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