How to Make Towing Process Efficient

By | July 3, 2017

Abingdon Auto towingThe efficient, safe and timely removal of vehicles from the roadside in case of a breakdown is necessary, to keep all other road users safe. Towing is a very important job in servicing of vehicles. In the course of your vehicle ownership, you may require towing or recovery services, and you would like the experience if the process was smooth and efficient. Whenever anyone is abandoned in the middle of the road, or when their car stops working on a busy highway, a towing service is needed, and there is need to help those involved.

Proper Weight Distribution

Before you start hauling a vehicle, you should be guided by the towing capacity of your machine. Too much weight can cause a couple of problems, no matter how big and powerful your engine is. Always check from owner’s manual provided, which will give you a specific number relating to how much weight you can tow.

Towing Service AbingdonThere are also some basic definitions you need to note. Base curb weight refers to the actual weight of your entire vehicle, including all components and fluids. Cargo weight relates to the weight of all passengers and any other attached equipment. Allowable Payload refers to the maximum amount of weight, including passengers and cargo, that a vehicle can carry. Knowing how much weight your vehicle accommodate can help in keeping your ride safe and better.

It is always advisable to begin loading the heaviest cargo first, and tie it firmly with a bungee or rope so that it doesn’t shift while the vehicle is in motion. Smaller cargo should follow and fill in empty spaces.

Vehicle Components

Wrecker Abingdon MDCheck your mirrors to have an unobstructed side view of any approaching traffic. While driving, ensure that all required hazard signs are activated.  Before you start toeing, ensure that you have clear working lights for a safe transportation process. The braking system must be in top condition. Always check your tires and the pressure, to ensure that they can accommodate the weight of the vehicle being towed. Proper tire inflation will also help to stop safely when you apply the brakes.

Sometimes, we all feel the need for speed, especially on clear traffic. However, note that you need to slow down. Speeding shall accelerate your vehicle and give it unnecessary instability. With added weight and length of the vehicle to be towed, fast speed makes the whole process dangerous. Increasing your speed would make your trailer sway and lose its balance.

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