How to Avoid Illegal Towing Practices

By | June 29, 2017

Aberdeen Towing ServiceIt is always a breaking feeling to return to a store only to find that your vehicle has been illegally towed away by local authorities. You should be informed of your rights to avoid any towing malpractices that may befall you. Some towing companies practice illegal towing habits that can result in you paying a lot of money to have your vehicle recovered. You should always be aware to note signs that restrict you from parking in areas not allowed. Ensure that your car doesn’t form a blockage to any driveway while parking your vehicle.

Here are some useful tips you can follow to avoid getting your vehicle towed illegally.

1. Know your rights

To the towing operator, ask them before they hook up your vehicle, the charges to be incurred, to avoid any future misunderstanding resulting from after-towing. Once they get a chance to hook your car and a dispute arises, they can impound your car. Also, ensure that there are no any valuables in the car that you may need to safeguard.

2. Pay attention to warning signs

While searching for a parking lot, ensure that you obey parking rules even on private property. After you park, hide or secure your valuables to protect them in the event of unfortunate. Do not take chances to park illegally, even when on the hurry.

3. Pay attention to bogus companies

Not all businesses are reputable and getting reputable ones doesn’t come automatic. Unethical and undesirable companies will usually neglect appearance of towing vehicles, employees and equipment. Note the language, tone and professionalism used by people offering the towing services. You will always find vital hints in the event you are dealing with a bogus company.

4. Proof of towingTow Truck Abingdon

Get evidence that the towing company followed local or state rules that regard to towing. This means that they have to show you a picture of your car in an “illegal spot”. During the towing process, they should also notify police officers to have the vehicle lifted from being labelled as stolen.

5. Confirm with local police

Consider making a call to your local police department to confirm where the towing company is located. During the call, check if they reported the car as towed. They police may not force the towing company to give back your vehicle, but you may use them as a witness in case of disagreements. Do take matters into your own hands. There is no need to play a hero, only to suffer in the longer run.

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