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By | July 11, 2017

Towing Service AbingdonIf you are stuck by the roadside and looking for a nearby available towing company to help you out, you can quickly search for and call a local tow truck to come to your exact location. Advances in technology make it easy for a global positioning system to locate you in real time.

The global positioning system, equally known as NavStar makes use of 31 active satellites that orbit the space inclined at an angle of 55 degrees to the equator. At any place you might be on the planet, four GPS satellites can locate you at a given time.  Each of the satellites relay information relating to its position and the current time at regular intervals.

The signals travel at an equal speed of light, then get intercepted using your GPS receiver. The GPS receiver then determines the distance between the satellites, based on the time it took for the signals to arrive.

Using Phone’s Location Feature

Wrecker Abingdon MDWhen your location is activated, your phone can use a location-based algorithm, with your phone showing you towing companies that are relevant to your specific area. The App Store could be searching for appropriate descriptors relating to your location, or better still, it could be using some algorithm to see what you are searching in your neighborhood.

To be able to search for towing companies that are near your location, you need to a working internet and a smartphone to perform the search of the services that are near your neighborhood/area.

Irrespective of how good your vehicle is, or how new it might be, sometimes the unexpected happens, and they break down. You may not get to your destination due to reasons such as running out of fuel, tire problems, electrical malfunctions, missing keys, dead battery, ignition issues among others. In such cases, you can activate your location feature in your smartphone and look for tow truck services near your neighborhood.

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