Find Best Towing Services Near Baltimore

By | July 14, 2017

Finding reputable towing companies can be a tricky affair. The reason is many companies offer towing services near Baltimore. To ensure that you land the best services, you need to conduct proper research both locally and online. Ensure that you get a company that is properly licensed and has the professionally qualified personnel. They should also have the right towing trucks and other required equipment.

Types of Towing Services Near BaltimoreBaltimore Tow Truck

In Baltimore, many towing companies have surged. What defines the best from copycats is the kind of services each company can offer. Here are the towing services provided by the best companies.

1. Medium Weight and Light Towing

Many towing companies offer services for both light and medium duty services. Most standard vehicles offer these services including jump starts and lockouts in case of car failure.They also help you at a time you run out of gas. Such services would include towing vehicles in the event of accidents or collisions that may leave your car in bad condition.

2. Off-recovery Services

Off-recovery services come in great times when you find yourself in a challenging situation. In a breakdown situation, you may not be able to help yourself out. Experts offering off-recover services can get your car to the road within the shortest time possible.

3.Heavy Duty Towing

Best towing companies in Baltimore offer heavy duty towing. Those providing heavy duty towing are required to have heavy duty hauling trucks and equipment, that can accommodate heavy machinery.

Having looked at these types of towing services best companies can offer, we also need to look at different kinds of trucks that these enterprises should have.

Flatbed tow trucksFlat bed Abingdon MD

Flatbed tow trucks are among the most used towing vehicles in the world. Flatbeds have a long empty bed with a flat top. They use hydraulics to move the flatbed upwards or downwards. Flatbeds are commonly used because they are easy to drive. A wide range of boats and vehicles can be transported using a flatbed.

Integrated tow truck

Integrated tow trucks come in handy when it comes to heavy-duty works as they are much more specialized. They are used in the transportation of other buses or rigs. Integrated tow trucks have extra axles for additional stability and strength.

Hook and chain tow trucks

Hook and chain towing vehicles are used to transport various types of cargo. These types of vehicles were much in use in earlier days, but they are getting phased out of late. Furthermore, hook and chain may not be used on all 4×4 vehicles.

Wheel-Lift tow trucks 

Last in our list are wheel-lift tow trucks. They operate with a similar mechanism to hook and chain towing. However, they make use of a metal yoke instead of chains. The yoke is pinned beneath the rear or front wheels, and the vehicle is towed.

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