Baltimore Tow Truck

Baltimore Tow TruckThe city of Baltimore has been dominated by bigger towing companies, but luckily for them, the team at Baltimore Tow Truck is here, and for good. Our company is not about the bottom line, we are about the customer experience, and delivering a first class customer experience. We have been working hard and long to establish our brand here in Baltimore, and with our services, you be loving our company. Call us today, and experience the best in the Maryland area.

Services that the other guys will not even do

When it comes to providing top of the line services that matter, we are the proven leaders in doing it. No matter if you are needing a tire change in downtown, or just simply need some help with an accident recovery, we are the team for the job. With one of the biggest fleets in the industry, the team at Baltimore Tow Truck has the trucks for it. Plus, with an ability to accept all major credit cards for payment on site, you will want to choose us. We provide the following services to the great people of Baltimore, MD:Baltimore Towing Service

  • gas delivery service
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • tire change service
  • jump start service
  • accident recovery
  • lockout service

Baltimore Towing services on a budget

When it comes to towing, it is our bread and butter at Baltimore Tow Truck, and because of this, we have some of the best rates not only in the city but in the state. We have been working long and hard to drive our prices down, and because of this have developed a three-tiered system for our towing services. Our heavy duty towing options are meant for heavy duty trucks and large buses that will have to back to their company yard, or a heavy duty mechanic to be fixed. Our rates are truly the best in the city, and we will have you up on your way in no time. Our medium duty towing is for those who work from their vans and trucks and focuses on making sure we have a quick turnaround at all times. Finally, our light duty towing is the best deal of them all and is for those regular cars and trucks on the road. Let our team handle any type of towing issue, and you will love the cost associated with it

Roadside Assistance from a top affiliate

The team at Baltimore Tow Truck are a proud affiliate of Abingdon Tow Truck and brings roadside assistance to a new level. We have been completing these jobs for years, and with our 24/7 availability, you will see why so many have already chosen Baltimore Tow Truck. We give honest opinions about the work that needs to be done and will suggest a few options. If it comes to towing, we will tow for pennies on the dollar as compared to the other guys. Call us today, and see why Baltimore Tow Truck is the top towing services company in the Baltimore, MD Area!