Five Tips For Proper Car Maintenance

If you are a new car owner, it can be a bit tough to figure out what you are supposed to do with your vehicle. Naturally, there is some information in your owners manual as well as what you can find on the internet, but realistically you are on your own. That is where we have come in.… Read More »

Best Ways to Market Your Towing Business

With the right resources and financing, you can easily start a towing business. The internet has made work to be easy, in relation to setting up a business. You only need to research your market, identify an ideal location, buy the necessary equipment and acquire the necessary permits. However, it is not all walk in the park after… Read More »

How to Come up With a Towing Company Business Plan

If you are interested in starting a towing business, you need to have a business plan. Coming up with a business plan is the most important step you will have to take when creating any business. The plan serves as a road map for the early years of your business. The plan of activities includes a projection of… Read More »

Laws Relating to Starting a Towing Company

Starting a towing business is a decision that should be based on quality advice and information. During the early state of your planning process, you need to get professional help from people and organization such as accountants, lawyers and insurance agencies. When you decide to get into this business, you should be ready to adhere to established rules… Read More »

How Much Does a Towing Business Profit

The amount of profit that a tow truck company generates depends on various factors and is different from one company to the next. Factors determining this profit include the number of your employees, the size of your business and whether you provide 24/7 towing services or not. It also depends on whether you serve as a towing company… Read More »

Rules and Regulations of Towing Companies

Several standards and regulations guide and control the process of towing trucks. Most of these laws are constituted under the guidance of towing permits, approvals and issuance, private property towing, consent towing, storage and handling, and much more. Since we may not be able to discuss all these laws elaborately, what’s important is to look at the basic… Read More »

How to Make Money in a Towing Business

In 2015, the US automotive industry was estimated to have surpassed $6 billion in revenue. When population increases, consumers purchase more vehicles, meaning the specialized towing industry continues to thrive. Today, there is an excellent opportunity to earn significant income in the towing industry. A towing business can compete with other towing services by having a fast response… Read More »

How Used Tow Vehicles for Sale can Help Your Business

Most of us want to be our boss by owning a business. However, due to many reasons, we can’t all fit in one category of being business owners. One of the businesses mechanics and those passionate about auto industry dream to venture is towing and wrecker business. Although this business is highly competitive and lucrative, starting it and… Read More »

Choosing Tow Trucks for Your Towing Business

If you are a car owner or drive one, it is almost certain that you would need the services of a towing truck at some point. If you want to open a towing business, you need to make a solid plan before you invest your money. One of the most important decisions you will need to make when… Read More »

What to Consider When Looking for Towing Business for Sale

Anyone planning on buying a tow business with expectations of making a profit should perform prerequisite research to evaluate the worth of the business at sell, and how lucrative the market looks like. To break even and get a substantial return on investment,  you need to understand why the business is on offer and what reasons are making… Read More »