5 Easy Steps to Increasing  a Truck’s Towing Capacity

By | July 15, 2017

Manufacturers assign every vehicle a maximum towing capacity. This is the weight that a trailer is allowed to tow, with this weight usually indicated in pounds. Each vehicle has its own towing capacity according to its make and specifications. The towing capacity of a vehicle is determined by various factors. These factors include the engine horsepower, brakes, axle among others.

Abingdon Roadside AssistanceTo increase your truck’s towing capacity, there are few modifications you can make, which include;

  1. Install a power programmer

A power programmer works by creating an additional torque and horsepower that gives your truck more huff and puff. You need a powerful power programmer to pump up the horses with enough power to pull much heavier loads. The programmer works hand in hand with your your car’s electronic control module to make transmission modifications for an improved shifting and handling. There are various power programmers based on model and make of your truck.

  1. Upgrade the Axles

Upgrading your axles is one of the most expensive upgrades you will have to carry out if your need your towing system to accommodate more weight. This upgrade would need the professional services of mechanics. Upgrading axles ans differentials means you are able to handle heavy duty components with relative ease. Subsequently, you shall experience an enhanced gear ratio that enables you to tow heavier loads.

  1. Upgrade braking systems

Work side by side with your mechanic towards upgrading and enforcing the braking systems of your vehicle. When hauling heavy loads, slowing down and stopping is inevitable and you need to have the brakes in top-notch state. You might also consider upgrading your truck with electronic braking control.

  1. Amp Up the Suspension

Another costly update you would need to make is upgrading the suspensions. Installing heavy duty springs is worth every penny you shall spend as you significantly ease your already strained GVWR. Upgrading suspensions dramatically improves your car handling and also stabilizes the load by reducing side to side swaying. Up to tasks suspensions also keep your truck at a level during the towing process.S

  1. Install up-to-task hitch

The biggest mistake you can make is to think that an old tow ball can haul heavy loads. Not all hitches are created equal and in case you need a more robust upgrade, you also need to work on installing a hitch that can withstand heavy loads. Most trucks come with an hitch which is the standard 5000 pounds one. Consider making an upgrade to 10000 pounds or higher.

2 thoughts on “5 Easy Steps to Increasing  a Truck’s Towing Capacity

  1. Alice Carroll

    Thanks for pointing out that better brake systems can help a lot in improving the capacity of a heavy duty towing service. I’m interested in learning more about towing services because I’d like to make sure that I would know how to hire them in case of an emergency. That way, I wouldn’t feel too anxious whenever I have to go on a long road trip.

  2. Claire Masters

    Now I understand that you might need to upgrade a truck in different ways for it to be prepared in heavy-duty towing, for example, you need to upgrade its suspension to stabilize the load it is carrying and avoid the dangerous side-to-side motion it might normally do. If I do need these services, I would understand how I should look for one that really does these measures in order to do the task properly. I should be able to inquire about the upgrades they do to their vehicles.


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