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Towing companies are the heartbeat of a growing community, and in Abingdon, MD, the great people at Abingdon Tow Truck are here for you. We have been servicing the Abingdon, MD and surrounding area for years, and have been the first call in case of a vehicle emergency for many of the residence. We are a proud company, and with our first-class customer service, and even better pricing, you will be in great hands. Now is the time to take advantage of our best pricing of the season! Call us today, and see the difference that a quality towing service can make. Our company does a little more than your normal heavy duty towing, medium duty towing and light duty towing, our tow trucks provide 24/7 emergency services as well as an ability to provide the following services across the Northern Maryland area:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Accident recoveryFlat bed Abingdon MD
  • Tire change service
  • Lock out service
  • Jump start service
  • Gas delivery

Roadside Assistance in Abingdon, MD

A tow truck is more than just a tow truck, we here at Abingdon Towing have embraced this thought process, and are proud to offer roadside assistance for those in the Belcamp, MD area, and beyond. With our roadside assistance, you will have one of our amazing drivers ensure the scene is safe, and secure your vehicle with ease. We will then look at the vehicle and determine if we can repair the issue on the side of the road, or will have to tow you to a service station. Our towing services are pennies on the dollar, and you will appreciate our competitive prices if it comes to that.

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The only place to call for Accident Recovery in Abingdon, MD

Abingdon Towing FlatbedIf you have been in an accident, you and your passenger’s safety is the most important thing. Let the proven experts at Abingdon Tow Truck take care of the rest. Our trucks will be able to handle any sized accident with ease, and when we recover the vehicle we will be able to tow it to the location it needs to go. Let us help you in your time of need, and you will be thankful for the great service and even better pricing that you will find at Abingdon Tow Truck for accident recovery.

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When you need a tire change service in Abingdon, MD, we are there.

Abingdon Towing snowAt Abingdon Tow Truck, we know that a tire change service can be a challenge even at the best of times. Let our team work with you to ensure that your tire change is done quickly and safely, and will allow you to get on your way without an issue. From our website, our tow truck drivers are a little slower than a NASCAR team but will be able to handle the situation with a smile and in mere minutes. If you find yourself with a flat in Bel Air, MD or the surrounding area, call the team at Abingdon Tow Truck to get that handled.

Abingdon, MD your lock out service experts are here

There is nothing worse than dealing with a lock out situation, you are embarrassed and almost always have some bags in your hand from an evening of shopping. The team at Abingdon Tow Truck have been dealing with these issues for years, and when it comes to providing a top of the line service standard, we are the true experts in this regard. We will not only get you back and on your way with your vehicle, but our team will be able to provide this with no damage to your vehicle. Call us today, and see why our team is the premier lock out service towing service company in the area!

Roadside Assistance Abingdon MDWhen you need a jump start service in Abingdon, MD, we are the only call you need to make

When you turn the key and nothing happens, your stomach is going to drop. We know the feeling, and this is why the team at Abingdon Tow Truck are here for you. We have been providing the Edgewood, MD area with jump start services for years, and will be able to get you and your car on the way in a few minutes. Our drivers have completed thousands of jumps, and no matter the size of the battery of the vehicle, our trucks will be able to handle the operation. If you are trying to get the kids off to school, or simply off to get groceries and the car battery is dead, call us, and see why we continued to be the premier service for jump starts in Edgewood, MD.

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Gas Delivery with ease in Abingdon, MDRoadside Assistance Abingdon

Sometimes you need some help, and this is especially true when you are facing gas issues. It is passé to walk the side of the freeway with a jerry can, instead you should be calling the team at Abingdon Tow Truck to ensure you get on your quickly. Our team will either fill your tank enough to get to the next gas station or simply will fill your tank, it is your choice. Enjoy peace of mind, and call the towing service company that will go above and beyond each and every time.

24/7 emergency service right here in Abingdon, MD

Abingdon Roadside AssistanceMiddle River, MD has been needing a tow truck for 24/7 emergency services for a while, and the team at Abingdon Tow Truck are proud to be the solution for this great town. Our emergency services include any issues that may arise, everything from accident recovery to heavy duty towing is included. We have been providing this service to the Northern Maryland area for years, and chances are we can fix your issue on the side of the road. Now is the time to trust the team at Abingdon Tow Truck to ensure your vehicle is in safe hands no matter the time of night.

Abingdon, MD finally has a heavy-duty towing option with budgets in mindAbingdon Towing snow woman

Heavy duty towing can be an expensive endeavor, especially if you must tow back to a yard that is more than a few miles away. With this in mind, the great people at Abingdon Tow Truck have invested in a budget friendly heavy duty towing service that will allow your trucks to be recovered for a fraction of the price of the other guys. Our heavy-duty towing option is best for 18-wheelers, large buses and tractor trailers. Call us today, and see why so many in Baltimore, MD have already made the switch to Abingdon Tow Truck for their heavy-duty towing option.

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Harford Country medium duty towing that means quality

When it comes to medium duty towing, the ability to have your truck or work van back to work in mere minutes or hours will make the difference in your bottom line. This is why the team at Abingdon Tow Truck are here for you. We offer a professional towing service that will get you and your truck back at the job site as soon as possible. Our medium duty towing service is best used by those with larger work trucks, or cube vans that are filled with tools. Our team will be at your service, and we cannot wait to be the solution to your towing problem.

Wrecker Abingdon MD

Light Duty Towing with service

Abingdon Towing ServiceHere at Abingdon Tow Truck, we know that you expect a great service standard when it comes to light duty towing, and that is why our fleet of tow trucks are here for you. Our light duty towing services are the bread and butter of our work, and we cannot wait to start working with you to ensure that your experience with our company is nothing but spectacular. Our team has worked long and hard to ensure our first class customer service is pushed, and when it comes down to it we are here for you. Call us today, and see why the team at Abingdon Tow Truck are the real difference makers in the community.

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Abingdon Tow Truck, a real difference maker

Here at Abingdon Tow Truck, we have worked hard to make sure that the people of Abingdon, MD and the surrounding Northern Maryland area are serviced by a company that cares for them. Our commitment to our clients as well as the community at a whole has been the bedrock of our company. No longer will you need to worry about dealing with the big city towing services, you will rest assured that the great team at Abingdon Tow Truck will be at your service as soon as you call us. We have been working towards expansion, and are extremely happy to working in the following communities:

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These communities are more than just a work site, they are another home for us. When you see our tow trucks around town, know that we are working for the hard working people, not some corporate entity. Call us today, and see why the people at Abingdon Tow Truck have continued to be known as the best towing option in Northern Maryland and beyond.

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